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India is ranked 3rd in the list of worst Air quality in 2020. All the major cities in India face a great deal of Air Pollution. g. The most watched pollutants include particular matter

(PM), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), Sulphur dioxide (SO2) and carbon dioxide (CO2). Due to pollution, the ambient air quality in major cities in India is now very poor. The annual average concentration of suspended particulate matter (PM10) is very high in Indian cities. In humans pollution has become linked to asthma attacks, bronchitis etc.

PM2.5 concentration in India air is currently 5 times above the WHO annual air quality guideline value. The effects of air pollution can be quite serious. They are commonly associated with universal issues such as global warming, as well as cancer and other

health problems. In humans, pollution has been linked to Lung disease Reduced life expectancy Asthma attacks and bronchitis

According to a report from the world health Organization ,4.2 million deaths worldwide are caused by poor air quality through stroke, heart disease, lung cancer and chronic respiratory diseases.

Effects of air pollution on human health

When you breathe in polluted air, tiny, invisible particles (pollutants) penetrate deep into your lungs, bloodstream and body. This can affect your body in a number of ways. In the short term, air pollution can:

Affect how well your lungs work, making it more difficult to breathe

Irritate your airways, causing inflammation and giving you a sore, scratchy, throat and cough, congestion from mucus building up.

Exacerbate respiratory health conditions, such as asthma, as well as allergies like hay fever.

Irritate your eyes.

In the longer term, over several years, air pollution can cause problems with your heart and blood vessels, leading to conditions like heart disease and stroke.

Your respiratory system, leading to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) or infections, such as pneumonia. Air pollution can even cause lung cancer.

How to save yourself from Air Pollution?

Air Pollution is inevitably present in our cities and it is not something that can be deal with within a few days. Proper Government strategies and punctual participation and adherence of rules by General public will be a key to eliminate or reduce Air Pollution in our cities.

However, to protect ourselves from ill effects of Air pollution we can do the following.

Avoiding to go out in the peak traffic hours.

Travelling by public transport.

Stop smoking! At least do not smoke indoors or at public places or closed spaces.4

Stop using wood, coal or cow dung for cooking

Wear proper mask that filters the air you inhale.

Plant trees and indoor plants.

Walk of the pavement or footpath and not on the Road.

Have Air Filters at home, gyms, offices.

Make sure you carry your reliever inhaler with you if you use one.

If you have asthma, make sure you use your preventer inhaler regularly.

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